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Confederacy of Villages

The Confederacy of Villages is an international exchange network connecting five art spaces working with rural communities across Europe. Through different actions and projects, from farmers and craftsmen exchange to artists collaboration of craftsmen and professional exchanges and artistic residencies, the network utilises art as a tool to empower communities to develop innovative and transformative solutions with long-term sustainable impacts that directly address shared concerns. Ranging from landscape, heritage, economy and industrial activity, housing, etc.—, while training artists in vernacular crafts that will widen the scope of their work.

The organisations forming the partnership have been extensively collaborating in conjoined initiatives, starting an informal network of peers that has proven effective in sharing best practice, and allowing for regular movement of assets across regions. Now we want to become a stable platform for cooperation to promote an anchored understanding of the role art can play in the rural context, how new forms of artistic expression can be created and grounded in meaningful responses to global challenges demanding local action and transnational collaboration.

Recent news

The Confederation of Villages with the Museo Reina Sofía

The Confederation of Villages came together for the first time in February of 2021 to discuss their vision for their project and spread awareness of rural art.

Klöse Festival - KF Huset


Ida Boman and Anastasia Savinova worked with Klöse locals to develop art inspired by the surrounding area and host a festival celebrating rural art.

Notte Verde - Casa delle Agriculture


Craftspeople from across the Confederacy of Villages were sent to Notte Verde in August of 2021, strengthening the bonds between rural villages.

“The Confederacy of Villages is an international exchange network connecting five socially engaged art initiatives working with rural communities across Europe”